To preserve endangered habitats and species of plants and animals across Europe created the European Ecological Network Natura 2000 in Poland were isolated more than 970 such areas, which constitutes almost 20% of the country. During the project, we met two of them: the Upper Valley of Pilica and the Valley of the Black Nida.

Valley Black Nida

Valley Black Nida - special area of conservation of habitats of the area. 1,191 ha.

The area includes Black Nida river flowing at the foot of Świętokrzyskie Mountains and adjacent areas. There are here sedimentary rocks of Paleozoic and Mesozoic era covered by younger sediments. In an area where there are limestone, developed karst. Prevail pine forests and mixed forests, rarely are alder, hornbeam and riparian forests. Riverbed preserved natural and highly meandering character, with numerous oxbow lakes and backwaters with numerous valuable in the country species of plants and animals (eg .: lamprey Ukrainian, beaver, otter).

Upper Valley Pilica

Upper Valley Pilica - special area of conservation of habitats of the area. 11200 ha


The area is located on the Malopolska Upland. The refuge includes one of the biggest ecological strings located in the natural river valleys in the country. There appears forest communities meadow and swamp. The area protects the valley strongly meandering Pilica with numerous oxbow lakes. The refuges are located numerous populations of protected plant species and endangered (over 60). Upper Valley Pilica is also one of the most important wildlife refuges in central Poland, a key in the country (eg .: European beaver, newt, fire-bellied toad, bullhead). The refuge has many species of insects, birds and other organisms red list of endangered species.