assessment of surface water status

The main objective of our project was to determine the basic physical and chemical parameters in case of the purity of the river water of the Czarna Włoszczowska, Nida and Pilica.


Below there are the results of our research, carried out in accordance with the instructions. 

Nida Pilica
Dissolved oxygen
(mg O2/l)
12 10 10



7-8 8 7
11 12 12
Water hardness
(mg CaCO3/l)
150 200 150
Content of phosphates
<1 <1 <1
Content of nitrates
3 2-3 4-5
The smell of water  the smell of rot and mud  the smell of rot and mud  the smell of rot and mud 
Grade of water quality III III III

A visit in sanitary-epidemiological station and waste water treatment plant

During the project from 12.09. till 17.09. we were in the sanitary-epidemiological station and waste water treatment plant in Włoszczowa. In the waste water treatment plant we listened about itc principal tasks, such as:

water collection, purification and supply,

discharge of waste water and sewage treatment,

works related to the construction of water networks and sewage systems.



Purified water is used, e.g for watering the fields and gardens, and the waste in a solid form can be processed into energy in power plants

In sanitary-epidemiological station we saw the Laboratory Branch and Pracownia Badań Higieny Środowiska (the place where the tests are made). We had the opportunity to see how the water is tested in a professional and well-equipped laboratory. We were also informed about the most common diseases and bacteria. At the end we learned about tasks of the health inspector, such as:

examination and laboratory analysis,

anti-epidemic activity, 

developing analysis and evaluations of epidemiological and state of sanitary.

Surface water resources of the county

Water bodies


Krasocin retention
Radków retention, for the purposes of mill
Czarnca, Łachów retention, fishing
Włoszczowa retention, fire-fighting, fishing, protection of spring water
 Kluczewsko  retention

In addition to the water tanks in the county there are several complexes of fish ponds (an area of )


 The existing water reservoirs are for the purpose of agriculture and retention. They are necessary to maintain the constant level of ground water, they are also the source of groundwater recharge. Furthermore, they mitigate the effects of extreme events (drought, flood, fire).



  • GZWP (The Main Aquifer) No. 408, 409 – Niecka Miechowska
  • GZWP No. 416 – Małogoszcz

Rivers in the district

  •  Pilica 
  •  Czarna Włoszczowska
  •  Biała Nida
  •  Zwlecza
  •  Czarna Struga 


Source of drinking water in Włoszczowa County

Clean water is obtained from deep wells. It is filtered at designated stations. Then it is safe to drink and for household purpose.